To Do Before I Die

Sooo I am going to do the super clique Bucket List entitled: (FYI its grouped by discipline cause  I have a billion and 1 events I ride)

  To Do Before I Die (cause that sounds wayyy cooler)

Win a World Championship in all of the classes my mom has (trail, western riding, driving)
Win a Unanimous World Title 
Show Ray in Amateur classes so I will have accomplished Novice, Youth and Amateur points on him
Ride a horse trained by Charlie and Jason (Nemo!) 
Show at the Reichert bonus points if it's on Ray

Have a new slide record with Mouse (currently it is 12 feet)
Show at an NRHA championship show ie the Derby
Breed Mouse and get a paint reining baby
Ride a horse trained by Carol Rose (Gruffalo!) 

Compete in a rodeo queen pageant (currently in progress!)
Win a rodeo pageant (Motherlode Round Up Queen)
Compete for Miss Rodeo California (sadly too old)

Show at the Menlo Charity Show (cause it seems so chic)
Jump over 3 ft (that's the highest I've ever jumped)
Ride a horse trained by the Beerbaums (Unicorn!) 
Clinic/Lesson with an Olympian (Buddy Brown) 

Hopefully I cross these all off and can come up with new ones!