About Me

If you've made it this far into my blog, Congrats! You have more motivation than I do the day after a horse show (aka I have none). So you are probably wondering who this crazy person is!

I'm going to let you in on a little secret, I have NO  very litte  idea  ok basically I am still figuring it out; I am more in descive than Carrie Bradshaw at a shoe sale. Ooo did I mention I have a riding boot obsession, not the Tory Burch $400 for pleather type riding boots, but Ariat, Milio Feline, Nocona, Luchesse kind of obsession. Wait what was I talking about.... Oh that's right me!

SOOOOO back on topic Paige.

Hi, I'm Paige Elizabeth, mostly they just call me Paige, or the brat if you're my Daddy, but I'm really not one,  ok sorta a little.  I am a twenty-something insert overused phrase here equestrian, who is trying to balance making a living; while making a new life for myself and my completely adorable fur children, my corgi Raleigh, and a running assortment of ponies (currently that is Ray, Mouse and Roo) !

I talk too loud and too much, save very little and love alot. My story started in SoCal, went to college in the Midwest where I spent 4 glorious years playing Division 1 athlete (aka getting paid a scholarship to ride horses) and sorority barbie.

After graduating I made my way into the great abyss known as big kid life, fumbled my way to the Bay Area.

Far too many of my days are spent at the barn and far too much of my money is spent on coffee. But I love life and live it to the fullest!

So here's to the next adventure of myself and my furry clan!


  1. Hey! Nice to meet you! I'm Paola, another horse crazy girl. i was excited to find your blog through lauren's blog hop and decided to give you an extra follow. :)


  2. Great to meet you! I just followed you as well