Thursday, February 12, 2015

Princess learns to swim

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Lately we have been getting torrential rain in my neck of the woods. Totally awesome since California is in year fifty billion of a drought; but sucko since I don't have an indoor arena.

Being that I am a rodeo girl and totally tough (also known as my horse needs to be ridden constantly or she is hot as a pepper) I bundled up in the rain. We have an upcoming parade and I am trying to get miss priss ready so I opted for a trail ride instead of the mucky arena.

Recently I've been teaching her to deal with earplugs, plus side better focus, down side in the rain it could cause a mess in her ears. So complete with jumper bonnet (meant for an average horse but dwarfing her dainty face) I mounted up and wrapped her brand new waterproof turnout around us.

Luckily the trails were in excellent condition despite the rain as our community does an impeccable job maintaining them. Unluckily for me the rain was heavier than the forecaster predicted. About 1/2 a mile in it started dumping, and the tree cover in the area did little to protect us, still we plowed on.

Thirty minutes later we arrived back at the barn completely soaked through two jackets, a ball cap and a waterproof turnout. Fortunately for me this turnout was a free one randomly left at our ranch otherwise I would be rather perturbed about its lack of usefulness against the monsoon rain. I am now in the market for a waterproof quarter sheet if anyone is familiar with a good one!

Following my barn adventure my soggy day got wetter as a blew a tire on the way to work. But all's well that ends well I made it to work, the horse got ridden and was even a really good girl, and I learned I am tougher than I thought! Luckily for me the rain has stopped hopefully for a while.


  1. definitely tougher than me!!! i can probably count the number of times i've ridden in a downpour on one hand, and it's always completely by accident haha.

    also - love her bridle. would love to see a post on all your tack one of these days, as i'm pretty ignorant of western gear lol

    1. haha crazily enough it was fun! I love that idea I will put that on my calendar

  2. Oh man, you are a tough mudder! Haha