Sunday, February 22, 2015

Pretty Princess Was Perfect

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I'm not one to sit and tell you my horse is perfect and never admit their faults. But let me tell you yesterday at the parade my horse was pretty much amazing!

Finally my truck is all fixed and fabulous so my Daddy drove up from LA to bring the big red beast and one of the trailers. So the evening before we bathed pretty pony, packed the trailer and got all ready.

For those who are curious about what I do the parade day went like this, wake up early, plug in curlers and start bumping into walls getting ready while daddy still sleeps. Begin putting hair up in rollers, then get them all wrapped up in a silk scarf. At this point realize that I left my makeup in SF on my last girls night.

Internally freak out, then decide I can do this, luckily I had foundation, mascara, two lipsticks and a lipliner/lipgloss. I did my foundation, used one lipstick as blush and one as eyeshadow, then set the entire thing with cornstarch (this is actually what powder is made of fun fact). Use the lipliner and gloss, then apply the mascara as eyeliner and mascara.

After that loaded up, drove to the parade, unloaded pony and started getting her ready. This involves brushing, spraying with coat conditioner, apply baby oil on muzzle, eyes and in ears. After that I do her hooves (kinda my favorite part) I use hairspray and loose glitter, alternating spray and sparkle.
At this point I get dressed in queen clothes with sash, take my hair out of rollers, tease my wings and add a hat.

Then the necessary evil of parades, hurry up and wait, we played games, fixed a thrown shoe and whatnot. I was also able to cruise around the waiting groups and visit my different friends, queens from other groups, the awesome girls from Cal Crush and their super sweet Clydesdales.

We rode the parade waving and smiling for about an hour. Every horse deals with parades differently, I've had ones that fall asleep, walk stoically but shake and tense up, or those that just cannot stand still, rearing spinning around and in general losing it.

Princess Mouse however did none of those, she walked the route alert and steady, stopped when she needed to, and in general was a shining beacon of horsie fabulousness. The only hiccup she had was a bit of head tossing and grabbing the sides of her bit. but honestly I'll take that any day compared to various other horses I've dealt with.

After a long but fun day we got home, got the trailer parked and daddy headed back to LA. All in all it was a stellar weekend and I am in absolute love with my horse. Now someone please remind me of this next time she comes into heat and has mare mode, k thanks.


  1. you both look great :-)

  2. You like Macgyvered - Make up Color me impressed with a different shade of lipstick!

  3. you guys look great - nice save with the makeup haha. love Ms Mouse's glittery feet too :)

    1. she really could care less about the hooves, but they're my favorite