Friday, December 19, 2014

What do you want?

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So I am an interesting breed of individual, in that I am incredibly organized, but the queen of procrastination. Therefore it is not because I have forgotten/don't know about something, I know exactly when it is and am purposely sticking my head in the sand (or mud around here).

Because of that I am just now getting around to finishing my Christmas Shopping. Back in November I knew pretty much exactly what I wanted to get everyone, but I just drug my toes getting it! Because of that a few of my presents were sold/had to be changed. But for the most part everything has come together fine and I have my presents all ready to go.

On the receiving end L made my horsie present dreams come true by getting me a leather bracelet
with the infamous (or famous spending who you ask) Ray's name on it. Also my blogger secret santa felt with my absurdly rambling request for monograms, or very specific grooming supplies (yes I'm that girl.)

But in the end the most exciting present has been finally, after 24 long years, I am the proud owner of a tack trunk! My parents had plans to commission a carpenter to custom build me one, however life took over and it didn't happen. But as fate would have it a client who was switching barns decided to put their old trunk on the market. One thing lead to another and now I am the proud owner of a tack trunk!

It is a bit older and is going to need a bit of refurbishing, but I adore DYI and it was a great price. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!

Anyone have any exciting presents to buy or receive?