Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Tis the Season.... to Shop!

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As we all recover from our food comas and early morning shopping injuries I am finally joining the land of the living. My holiday craziness started a week early with the Annual Sale at the tack shop.

For the rest of my bay area friends it was a way to score a few deals. For me it was 3 days, 30+ hours of busyness. Don't get me wrong I love our horsie community, but there's only so many times a girl can say "I'm sorry mam it is final sale."

But all craziness aside it was amazing to see my family for the holidays and have 3 straight days off work following the sale. Mom and I did a little shopping, not much to report as we bought mostly presents for family.

Today I should be heading my happy little but to Vegas for the exciting and fabulous National Finals Rodeo! However a $600 tow bill (thanks city of SF) and impending interview has forced me to sit this one out.

Instead I'm going to be showering you all with posts about what it's like to be part of the Superbowl of rodeo!

all the pretty sale items! and some rain... 


  1. Yikes! How does one get a $600 tow bill? That's no fun.

  2. Don't forget your guys crazy texting barrage to me on thanksgiving you guys are funny :P

  3. ugh bummer about that tow bill... glad you had a nice holiday tho - and definitely keep us posted on the rodeo!!

  4. NFR... I want to be there too! Rach and I were contemplating (and joking) going tonight lol