Friday, December 12, 2014

Superbowl time!

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Well the 9th round  is in the books! Only one night left of the "super bowl of rodeo" since a lot of people aren't die hard rodeo fans/as familiar with the sport I thought I'd bring you the highlights via memes. With a few bums along the way, from delayed run time be to basketball, to the typical trials and tribulations of rodeo, the past 2 weeks have been one wild ride! 

Fun fact ole Arnold is a big rodeo fan, many of my queen friends have met him. 

Some people weren't too pleased. 

World Series Pitcher by day, team roper by night.
Madison Bumgarner is hanging with NFR roper Jade Korkill

These chaps were then auctioned off for the Justin Cowboy Crisis fund

These kids are 10 and riding at a national event, what have you done with your life. 

Most all photos are copyright NFR Experience.