Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Confessions of a Horse Show Has-Been

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Winter is the down season for most of us, between the monsoon rain and long hours at work its been easy to get in a equine funk, so I thought I would do a post to make myself, and hopefully you guys laugh.

Recently I saw an article on one of the stock horse magazines I follow entitled "Confessions of a Youth World has-been". So I am here to give it my own spin, here are 10 confessions of a former National youth exhibitor turned weekend warrior/paying my own way adult.

10. Your countdown for the next show is in weeks/months, not days.

9. You occasionally scoff at beginners "up-downs" even though you remember your first lessons.

8. You start stories with words like "when I was a junior..." "As kids riding we were never..." 

7. The junior/youth classes look really freaking hard and competitive and you're glad you aged out. 

6. But you wish you were still a junior because you didn't (usually) pay the bill. 

5.  You need a day off work before and after an event off to exit and re enter society. 

4.  You are aware of the existence of a horse show hangover, and the struggle is very real.

3. You remember horse shows without cell phones. 

2. You call show facilities by outdated names. 

1.  You stop mentioning your youth career because you realize just how old it makes you sound.

Hope everyone remembers at least somewhat fondly their beginning days, after all, we all started somewhere!