Sunday, November 16, 2014

Can't have just one... This is going to be embarrassing

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I'm a little behind the curve, and probably shouldn't even commit these things to print; but here is my contribution to Breeches and Boat Shoes blog hop about tack hoarding tendencies.

I want to qualify this by saying my mother was a horse trainer when I was born. Like a multiple world champion big deal, therefore I blame all horsie tendencies on her.

I will stick to the items that I have over 5 of and are truly mine, i.e. they don't belong to the ranch.

Bits: Honestly this is a guess, but I believe there are 9. We won't add moms into the mix (spoiler alert, multiply that by itself and you are probably getting close to her collection, some of hers are worth a LOT of money too)

Bridles: I am slightly more conservative here, with only 6. Two english (a Beval and Bobby's) with hopes of purchasing one more soon, four western (Dale Chavez roping bridle, Broken Horn Show Bridle, Paul Taylor Schooling and a custom belt bridle Daddy made me)

Pads:A total of 9. I have 2 half pads soon to be three (Ogilvy dreams ftw), 5 square pads which I stop myself from buying more cause they are tempting, and 2 western pads (a twenty x gel and a handmade wool one)

Girths: Anyone who has owned multiple horses understands this escalates quickly to my current 7. There are 2 size 52 bevels (side note if anyone wants to buy one I'll make you a good deal on the fleece one), a size 50 Red Barn and a size 46 Jimmy's, on the western side I have a leather show girth, neoprene professional's choice and a cotton girth no clue on sizes

 Boots/Wraps: I have no clue why I have so many of these total there are 8. In polos three sets of purple polos (Kansas State baby!) one black and one white. For boots there are two professionals choice boots one for Ray one for Mouse. Plus two sets of shipping bandages

Saddles: I only have 4 but it seems notable, side note anyone wanna buy me a 5th saddle ;).

For Me!

here's where it gets more embarrassing,

Boots: 17 pairs... yes almost twenty pair of boots, honestly it'll hit twenty by January most likely. Nine are dyed queen boots, 4 specialty western, one western work pair which is slowly dying. On the english side I have three, Monaco show boots, Volant schooling and brown Challenges for fabulousness.

Breeches: 8 pairs, which in the grand scheme seems reasonable, six schooling and two show.

Jeans: Seriously I blame queening, total I have 22. There are 18 pairs of starched "good jeans". Or different jeans that are dyed to match outfits and specific neutral colors of appearances, most of these have a coordinating pair of boots that match. Then 4 pair of everyday jeans.

Hats/Helmets: Only 7, this is a category some people have me beat. Helmets there is a Charles Owne Hunt Cap and brown GR8 then my favoritest GPA Speed Air. Hats I have two black, one white and one grey, I really really need a brown one next.

I'm gonna stop here cause it gets into shirts, belts, and other messy lists. So welcome to the life of a multiple discipline princess, I believe I will go balance my check book now and see what else I can cram into my adorable little 250 sq ft apartment.