Monday, August 18, 2014

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So I am joining the $900 Facebook Pony Sale blog train. Since moving out on my own I've had to do more buying then selling of tack. But somehow I've still accumulated a fair bit! 

All pieces do not include shipping, I am open to any offers! Please make an offer if need be I'd rather things go to people who'd like them.

Two size 52 Beval girths, both are fancy stitch one with full sheepskin one without. The smooth retails for $150 and the sheepskin retails $175. These are one year old and have been cleaned after every ride 

I'm asking $60 each or $100 for the pair.  

Next up we have a large rolled edge real fleece half pad, with a slit for shims. I believe it's an ECP but I trimmed off the tag so I'm not certain. It's in good shape and has been washed with Melp. 

Retails for about $200, asking $50.

Since I have accumulated a boot collection that would make Carrie Bradshaw envious I've decided to part with two. 

First up is a Volant Fusion Zip in size  10.5, medium/tall. The Volant Fusion is a half chap/paddock boot combo. They velcro together giving the illusion of a tall boot. With the Cobalt Quantum gel technology it is the comfiest of the Ariat boots. I love these but I already have the Volant S and I'm running out of room!!

This is a stock pic to show how they look 

They are a bit dirty but I'll clean them again promise! They have no actual defects or really any obvious wear to speak of. 

Asking $100 for the set or make me an offer! 

Last is my babies, gorgeous custom Italian Milo Felline boots. These are Italian calfskin, utterly divine. Sadly they dropped too much. Try as I might they are too dang short on me. 

They're custom boots, calfskin leather, with a square punch toe and patent trim. New they cost $1400 and take a 6 month wait. They are in perfect just broken in (but not used) condition, there is a bit of pen marks inside from an ill fated cobbler trip but it doesn't effect them or show!

Measurements as follows 

Foot: European 41.5 (about a 10.5 in American) 
Calf: 14.75 inches
Ankle: 10.5 inches
Height up back: 18 inches 

Asking $300 or make me an offer!! Pretty please let me know if you're interested I want them to have a nice home lol. 

Email me at for any questions or anything! 

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