Friday, August 15, 2014

Jumping ahead... literally

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Wednesday was probably the highlight of my week, considering it was a fairly mundane day that says something about the current state of my life. I went to the dentist (not great) but I had the BEST ride with L, which made up for it.

After work she came over, because I am incredibly busy/procrastinator/have no legit reason. I still have not moved my fences from storage to the top jump ring. But L is a doll so we set fences in the lower ring and got to work.

Old man was very unamused that I made him ride in the Myler D Ring not the regular snaffle because he was subsequently forced to actually carry himself (shocking right). After warming up we went through the rounds going through our mini bend line to the single fence.

First few approaches he was classic Ray, stop and booger, I am pretty sure I have the least brave broke horse EVER. But the theme the rest of the ride was leg and find your spot. Leg I have gotten much better on, I feel more secure and confident on riding to the base. Riding to the spot however proved to be my nemesis. One would assume the two go hand and hand, not in my world

I would ride to the fence then proceed to jump ahead just a bit which would throw us off balance cause Ray over jumps. The result was 6 very ugly rounds and one last pretty round, bless his heart my somewhat unconfident jump pony saved my butt, ALOT. I am not like L who is perfectly comfortable posting fail rides, so I opted to not create photographic evidence of the night. Instead I will leave you with George, cause even I was saying this to myself at the end of the day.


  1. Keep on trucking- I am sure you are doing awesome!! :)

  2. You weren't that bad! Though I would expect with a chicken shit like Ray you'd ride in the backseat more ;)

  3. Lol come on we like pics! I'm sure they didn't all look as bad as you think, and prob all better then my backseat riding/ superman overshooting that I routinely do. Its hard when your horse doesn't pick the perfect distance for you or you dont have L's eq to save you.