Monday, August 4, 2014

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Wait I have a blog, I kinda forgot... But seriously I am kind drowning in the life thing that I've forgotten to write. It seems like forever ago that my parents were in town I can't believe that it's only been 2 weeks.

Since then I've entered in a hunter show, decided to scratched from said show. Been talked into almost entering Miss Rodeo California (before I realized I lacked like money, experience and you know, everything).  And ended up back on the job market.

Realistically I know that my hunter dreams will be progressing slower than I'd like. Ray is 21 and not gonna throw down stellar full courses at the drop of a hat, but then again my pocket book is appreciating it. Luckily I sometimes still have sense, and the lack of a trailer also prevented me from taking him to the schooling show last weekend for the lulz. I have shown him for the past 11 years it's not like I am trying to train a 2 year old, I think I forget that. When he spooks and spins into traffic on trail rides I feel like he IS a two year old again. But I digress we will get there, I just have to remember patience.

Luckily for my sanity I realized that entering MRC was stupid, pointless, and not fair to the contest or myself. I have the potential, which everyone keeps pushing me towards, but I don't need to do it this year. I am re entering Grand National with the plan that I will win, at all costs. I have tons of fabulous help, have acquired enough sparkly clothes to make Liberace say woah cool it, and know what to expect this year. Hopefully come October it will all fall together.

With the past year of unhappiness with my "dream role" at Stanford I am looking for a career that is a better fit. I know that the timing, the terrifying uncertainty and the lack of a plan make this a less than ideal venture, but it'll all work out one way or another.

With the big charity show on it's way at least I have pretty ponies and big hats to distract and soothe me this week :)


  1. I keep having to remind myself not to spend my cash so I have entry money for the horse show lol.