Friday, June 13, 2014

Stress, planning and adjusting..

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I have blogged very little since Ray got here, which is a shame since I write a horse blog and I finally have something to write. But I have been having a hard time with work/my manager/emotional stuff.

Yesterday I decided I was going to demand myself to get it together, so instead of going to ride (which has almost become a chore) I saw a friend who was at Stanford for a doc appointment, grabbed a few hard cider and a cupcake, then headed home. By the end of the night FaceTiming with the bf, talking with my mom, and researching I had a plan and a new attitude.

Seeing Teresa made me realize what I was forgetting in riding and life. Stressing about work, savings, and what am I doing with the next 15 years of my life wasn't doing me any favors. Sure, I can't be a idiot, but I need to have some perspective.

So I have a new plan, to only look 6 months ahead. For a person who has had their life into their 30s planned since they were 17 that's a bit of a stretch.

But I am excited, I've condensed myself to closer, smaller goals and because of that have things to look forward to. So instead of planning weather the bf and I will get married in 3 years, I am planning and excited for our July trip to Calgary.

Instead of stressing about October 2015 and weather I will run for Miss Rodeo California; I am looking forward to showing at Grand National with Teresa (who looks up to me, and I adore with all my heart.)

Thanks to L being my guide and the fact that Ray is a saint/perfect, I haven't worried too much about next year's A circuit re debut! I am still planning into April (outside my 6 month window) but baby steps right?

At work I know things will be what they are going to be, I just have to be happy with myself and not let it physically shut down my body, like it has the past 2 months. Just like my mom said, I'm young, now is the only time I will be unattached and can make the career choices for only myself.

Sometimes you just need a cupcake and the perspective of a 17 year old to get you lined back out!

Picture the bf sent me to cheer me up.


  1. Yep good perspective, if anything the last year has taught me is to plan but know that the plans don't always happen the way you wanted or expected and that isn't alwaysa bad thing.

    1. yes, your last year is a good example of that! and there is always a silver lining

  2. Life definitely gets more tangled as you go, I think you're making a great decision to narrow your field of view a bit and not let the whole massive picture get to you.

  3. Handling stuff in six month chunks is much, much easier!