Friday, May 30, 2014

Old Man learns new tricks!

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Yesterday the lovely L and I spent the evening at the barn. In true us fashion I was there late, L was on time and made herself at home already grooming Ray.

We headed out, catching up on the past week or so apart and getting Ray warmed up. I worked on some bending circles and just moving his old bones. L had already set up a pole grid and some cavaletti.

Typical Ray made hairy eyes at it the first lap, which is to be expected.  And lends to some back story,  both Ray and I are jumping chickens. My biggest successes in hunter land were my pony ring days, regional pony finals, medals all that jazz.

Around 14 I got a greenie to replace my pony, he was the dirtiest stopper possible, plowing me into EVERYTHING. I spent most of my time after that in the breed circuit, when Ray and I were competing for top 20 in the nation we decided to try adding hunter hack to his repertoire. A trainer ended up taking us through a fence with no top rail and getting the plank caught between Ray's back legs. Needless to say his jumping ended there.

I am not the bravest soul ever, ever since those scary years my jumping has been timid and sporadic. When I came up with the hair brained idea to take Ray onto the circuit of course I shared it with L. Since then we have planned, worked and in true super competitive nature are ready to kick ass.

Today when we were working before I knew it I was back up to 2' without noticing. With all my own misgivings I was sure I wouldn't make the rusty stirrup classes till April, but with a little luck we will be clearing clean courses by the end of summer!

She was told she isn't a true badass till she
 rode without a saddle and bridle

Evidence that even when my horse jumps absurd L
has perfect eq. 

Sassing L 

Not bad for a reformed western pleasure horse! 


  1. Tackless is the best thing ever!

    1. Haha it was just on a dare... Usually we prefer to ride how we would show, after all that's the best ways win!

  2. Replies
    1. He has really been such a blast since he got here