Friday, May 16, 2014

Back to back posts, oh my!

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Hopefully with my slower schedule I can get back into the swing of blogging. Plusss I have my pony back from the ranch, so I have something to blog about!

This past week I realized in his 6 month hiatus my horse has developed the fitness level akin to a tub of lard. So I think he and I both have some working out to do. I am super proud of myself I have made it to the barn every day this week except Monday when I got sick, which is a good omen for the summer ahead.

Nothing too crazy to do just yet, after only two weeks in his new barn I think old man can't be expected to do a lot. Though we went on the most fabulous trail ride Wednesday. I am in awe that I have the privilege to be in the most beautiful town in the world, finally living the stories I grew up on, in the very hoof prints of my mother. That will NEVER get old.

Yesterday I managed to fit in a 6 am ride, work, and a soiree with the boyfriend in San Fransisco; complete with me getting diamond earrings, just cause. I'm not sure what the heck this boy sees in me or why he's around, but hey, I'll go with it!

I know that come a week from now when the boy is away for the summer, and my horse is getting in shape enough to be a turd I will not be as chipper as I am now. But I'll enjoy it for the time being. Tonight L gets to meet the infamous Sugar Ray, so be prepared for lots of comical stories of her trying to figure out the "spur stop".

Hope everyone else's week is going well!

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