Monday, December 16, 2013

Procrastination at its finest

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So I told myself at lunch I would be finishing my sponsor letter, considering the fact that I have sponsor meetings next week and the contest starts in just over a month. However I ended up on blogger.... Sorry I'm not sorry (old sorority girl saying)

This weekend was quite fun as I went to a schooling show over and watch by blogging buddies L and Karley. It was windy, like insanely windy, but otherwise a pretty day. I highly regret not taking my Kansas coat (aka the one I used to survive in an arctic tundra) but that's ok if you're at a barn you know there's always wool coolers to be found somewhere!

I just barely caught the end of Karley's class and they looked super precious. I love that she braved the crazy wind and showed off her cute hunter chic outfit. L and I enjoyed poking fun at her pony, because let's face it Ramone is just asking to be teased in 90% of what he does.

Poor derp, we always pick on him. 
After the classes were over I had to jump in and help L clean her tack, cause it's just weird standing at a barn. Then I decided to grab my own bridle (which I thrown in with hopes of riding Frosty, who decided to kick the wall and injure himself) and cleaned it too.

As I was headed home in way too much traffic for a Sunday, seriously where were they all going, I got to talk to my Daddy. He had taken Mouse in his parade this weekend, and she was apparently the belle of the ball. No surprise everyone constantly praised how pretty and affectionate she was. He even said she was less touchy about the flag. Hopefully by May she will be used to it enough to not take off in my flag run! It was even exciting to hear that Parker (my old rodeo horse that we sold after GNR) looked super amazing and was enjoying his new owner.

I am counting the days till I head home! Only 6 more. And hopefully will get around to finishing my pageant prep. It hit me last night how quickly everything is approaching and how much I still have to do! Oh by the way, anyone want to sponsor me? lol

Ummmmm nope! he says 

cute baby horse!


  1. We must have all been crazy to participate in the "show" lol :)

  2. It was awesome you came up to the east bay 2 weekends in a row :D I feel special!

    1. Let's be real it was Ramone and Frosty I wanted to see ;) jk love youuuu! lol

  3. Sorry I didn't even realize you were there, my sleep-deprived brain was kinda frozen after all the wind. Great pics!