Sunday, December 1, 2013

Failing at daily blogging: Also known as 5 day Challenge-Day 2

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So much for blogging 5 days in a row. I kinda figured that wouldn't happen... But in any event. Here's the 5 day challenge day 2.

6. Favorite equestrian movie or book?

My all time favorite equestrian movie is National Velvet. Not really sure why honestly, I just loved it as a kid and still do. Probably because she is a royal pain in the butt and doesn't really listen to reason. Preatty much sums me up many days. Plus I may or may not still gallop around the house like Velvet does in the movie.

7. Most common riding misconception? 

I am really lucky that the few non horse people I am around are not judgmental or ask dumb questions. 

But in the riding world sometimes I seem to have a hard time fitting in. Many of my hunter/jumper counterparts judge me because I also ride western. They feel that I am not talented enough and judge my light colored tack and stock horses. 

Over on the western side, many think I am not committed enough. Because I choose to dip my toe in the other pond. While my rodeo counterparts often feel that I am not rough and tumble enough because I am a show girl. 

So I guess I will continue to straddle both fences. But honestly it's not that big a deal to me. Because we are all in this sport to be judged. 

8. Two Strengths and one weakness? 
Baby Mouse! Technically the less talented of my
 reiners but I am super attached to her, because she is
the first horse I picked out myself.

Hmmm I am rather pessimistic. So I may ride the struggle bus with this one.

For my strengths I would have to say, versatility. Being that I compete in everything from hunters to rodeo. I can get on pretty much any kind of horse and not look like a complete idiot. I don't really feel "at home" in any one discipline. So I think I progress pretty evenly though all of them.

Second strength would probably be tenacity. Being that I have often been the underdog. I am pretty good at fighting my way to the top. Also I am very good at surprising me because they underestimate me, but I use my bull headedness to work hard enough to surprise them.

My biggest weakness would probably be my heart. I become invested in horses that don't have enough talent. Or put tons of time into riders/barns that just screw me over. I am working on trying to be a little more cautious with my commitments from now on.

9. Least favorite thing about horses or riding? 

Most people complain about the money. Sure that sucks, but honestly that's not the worst for me. I am
quite the bargain hunter so I seem to do pretty well regardless of weather I have lots of money or none.

To me the least favorite part is time. I work 9 hours a day M-F plus 7 hours on Saturdays. I seem to never have enough time to ride. Lack of hours in the day always seems to catch up with me!

10. What do you feed your horses? 

My ponies are piggies, like me. Since everyone is home at the ranch for a while we are working on putting on a little extra weight and such.

When the ponies are at their training barns usually it's straight alfalfa am/pm and rice bran with smartpaks.
Evidence I am a fatty like my ponies. 

But at the ranch I have the luxury of being more creative with their feed schedules/concoctions.

Currently the ponies are getting Tiff grass and alfalfa pellets AM. They get more grass at lunch. Then come dinner they get straight alfalfa, and rice bran.

I know most barns that I keep my ponies don't offer as precise a feeding schedule. However since they come back to the ranch each winter I am able to re set their weight/tummies for the coming show season.


  1. Love the memes with this... especially the one about riding being judgmental haha.

    1. thanks! lol I actually made that one myself. I have heard people say that at shows and felt it had to be a meme... The pic is from my last pageant

    2. Looks like the GN contest :)

  2. Always someone judging about something.. maybe they should keep their nose out of your business and focus on their own riding ;)

    1. hahaha so much easier said than done.. I try hard not to say too much cause I can be the most judgmental of them all ;)

  3. It is amazing how much TIME horses take... and while I certainly enjoy it (almost) all of it, it does mean there are other things I just don't have time for!

    1. My coworkers and I were talking about weather to buy or bake cookies for the holiday party. I chimed in, well I don't have a life right now since my horse is gone, so I'll bake.

      Sad but true