Thursday, December 5, 2013

5 Day Challenge- Day 4

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16. One thing you'd like to change about your horse. 
You can tell in this how his
hair sticks out like a poofy dog
and this photo is from April!

This is a super hard one. Because I am one of those people that think's my horse is perfect, event if they are crow hopping across the arena. 

Ray does have a few quirks. He used to be so bad about hauling that we had to take a goat everywhere with us so he wasn't alone. However when I entered in an actual goat tying class he was so petrified of the animal I had to dismount and run the entire length of the arena. Luckily he has gotten better about that, hauling not his goat phobia. 

Probably I would change his inability to keep a nice coat. 

He's a blood bay, so he looks dreadful body shaved. He came to us from Ohio, so no matter what we do, come November he puffs out like a Pomeranian. Luckily I am showing him so little it doesn't much matter. But I am still pretty vain and would like to keep him looking show ready no matter what our plans are. 

Mouse is a little more straight forward. No vices, always a beautiful coat, easy keeper, the works. However after getting Daddy a new reiner I came to realize, my precious Mighty Mouse is actually not as talented as I thought. Sure I placed 3rd at our first AQHA show, however with Roo (the new pony) I am already changing leads and stopping 5 feet (sans slide shoes) and she's still in a bosal! For you hunters that means she's SUPER green. I wouldn't replace Mouse for the world, but honestly she may not end up being the NRHA horse I hoped. Luckily I have Roo for that! 

17. Your horse's future. 

Sadly my Ray man doesn't have a ton of a "future" I mean he's given me the world and I am eternally grateful. But in the grand scheme of things at 20 years old there are younger, more talented horses out there. I'm hoping we can show a few more times, just for nostalgia sake. Maybe use him, as a rodeo queen horse once or twice, just for kicks. But with this show year coming to a close, it's safe to say finishing 4th in the state and 20th in the nation is about the best this old man is gonna give us at this point. 

Mousey has the world ahead of her (I think) provided that I can come up with the money for all my dreams! I have been so floored by what a great rodeo queen horse she's been. My big dream is that she and I can make it through the next pageant, and even on to Miss Rodeo California. Then maybe we will tackle the AQHA show pen some more. 

18. Your worst show ever. 

This is an easy one! I have been incredibly blessed to have a successful and long show career. That being said, the 06 world takes the cake. Memories wise it was load of fun, that was even the week I was given my first college scholarship offer. But in the show pen I rode the struggle bus. 

Memories from the Cow Palace
I managed to go off course in not one. But EVERY class I entered. If I made the finals I went off course there, but more of them I blew it in the prelims. In trail I had the class won (after seeing my score cards) but I managed to add one extra pole in the very last second. All's well that ends well I went back the next year to be unanimous world champ in the class. 

19. Favorite horse show venue.  I have been to so many venues around the nation... I honestly don't know if I could pick just one.

Quality wise, probably the Will Rogers complex in Fort Worth. But memories wise, the Cow Palace.... 
Will Rogers Complex in Fort Worth. This is
one of 3 indoors there. 
They both are similar (with Will Rogers being better in some ways) but honestly the feeling of being in the Cow Palace 

20. Your show day routine. 

I am not a very superstitious person at shows or anything. But I am a BIG believer in getting there early, or being up early to school at 4 to 5 am. This of course backfired on me at GNR because I snapped the fender of my saddle at 5 am.. But usually it's a good plan. Even if it's just lunging, I like to have my horse out a few hours before hand, that helps calm us both down. I am also really particular about my horse and myself being put together visually. So being up early provides a nice buffer. 


  1. I also had a horse show where I got disqualified out of every class except for two. Fun times.

    1. Haha sadly this wasn't even like horse or rider error it was a blank mind mid course.... 7 different times over 2 weeks.... oppsie

  2. I like being early and not rushed too.. makes a big difference!

  3. I had a similar thing happen to me at our State Fair -- I rode a KILLER Equitation pattern.... but asked for the wrong canter lead at the end. I was so mad at myself, but we came back the next year and nailed it!

    1. I hate it too, it's like you blew it for your ponies... I feel like I let them down when that happens...

  4. Replies
    1. Haha I am not really superstitious about stuff, but I am about routines...