Friday, November 15, 2013


Share it Please
I am still getting the hang of this blogging thing... Half the time I am not sure what to write, others I worry that no one really cares what I have to say. But I digress. After spending 13 hours chained to a computer designing websites I needed a break! 

On that note check out my latest creation. I will be completely honest I didn't write all the code. But hey when I am cranking out at least 3 of these a week on top of my other work a little outside help is ok. 

But in any event. I have noticed these things all over Facebook, and I thought it would be fun! My number was 12. 

1. I have had my horse Ray for 10 years, we accomplished more in our first 5 years than most do in a lifetime. 

2. I love making funny/awkward faces, it drives my mother crazy. 

3. My mother is my best friend, we talk at least twice usually three times a day. 

3. I was recruited by 5 different schools to ride NCAA equestrian. 

4. My favorite color is purple, the fact that that was my school colors is a super awesome coincidence. 

5. I am obsessed with bits, I have 5 in my tack trunk and countless more at the ranch. 

6. The only equine event I've never tried is saddle seat/gaited. 

7.  In college being in a sorority was the biggest headache and coolest experience ever. 

8. My corgi is my life, whenever I even think about him I am uncontrollably happy. 

9. For the past 5 years I have not had a TV service where I lived, haven't missed it. I prefer to buy DVDs of shows I like & skip commercials. 

10. My dad and I are restoring my 1942 Studebaker truck, my uncle gave it to me when I was 12. 

11. Mouse and I are both KStaters. She was bred at the university, I bought her there and after falling in love with her during a colt breaking class. 

12. So far I have won 32 buckles in my riding career. 

Sooo I don't know if that was fun or lame. But I wasn't sure what else to write! I shall come up with something more exciting soon. 

Baby Mouse the week I first met her! 


  1. Mouse is cute. I think with blogging its kinda like, yeah, no one is THAT interesting, but the more content you deliver the more invested we get in your story and perspective. :)

  2. I liked reading some facts about ya! Keep blogging :)

  3. haha thanks guys! She is definitely one who steals your heart... But what pony doesn't!

  4. Lauren, I actually had to go hunt down a cable box today just to watch Abby's Ultimate Dance Competition, because a family friend was on the show and won.