Wednesday, November 27, 2013

5 Day Challenge: Day 1

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So I realized in the blogging world it is completely acceptable to copy other people's ideas (a trait they heavily beat out of me in my newspaper career) so I am jumping on the band wagon from Tracy at Fly on Over

I am pretty sure the largest challenge for me will be finding the time to blog about something for 5 days in a row!! 

But I digress.... Here is my attempt at the 5 day challenge. 

1. Most influential person on your riding. 

Lisa (my other mom) myself and Momma!
Ignore my awkward and unfortunate looking hat 
This is hand's down my mother. Not only is she the reason I even know horses exist (I was 4 months old when I attended my first world show, sitting in her lap in the win picture). Frequently when a new bridle, saddle, or even horse shows up, I blame it on her. My auto response is, you're the one who taught me to like horses. 

Not only did she give me amazing goals to aspire to, winning over 7 (I think, though I've never taken the time to count them all) World Championships. But also has blessed me with the talented jeans to know which end of a horse is up! Andddd when that doesn't fail she just beats it into me. 

Weather it is chipping in at an oxer, tripping in the middle of showmanship, or not being able to stop after a flag run with my queen horse. She always seems to know what to tell me to feel better... And what it was that I did wrong. 

2. Piece of tack you would love to splurge on 

This changes daily. Those who know me are aware that I shop, ALOT, and that I am the queen of the bargain (yes I did find an Animo show coat for $25).  

At some point I would love to have a fancy Bob's reining saddle, but at the moment my trusty old Broken Horn (that's the brand not a feature of it's anatomy, though the fender did snap on it recently). 

But currently my biggest horsie splurge will probably be my next hat. Up until now I have never spent a $100 on a western hat. And honestly hated having to wear them for shows! 

That was until I was introduced to the magic of the proper hat shape, and custom hats. For now I am still bottom bin shopping and will settle for buying used custom hats off of others. But one of these days I will have a beauty like these.

3. Top 5 riding playlist 

I love music, country especially. So my playlist changes often. Currently it is:

1.  "Fast Cars, Slow Kisses"-Aaron Watson (college taught me the beauty of red dirt music, plus he wears swoon worth hats) 
2. "Rodeo"- Garth Brooks (cause I am a clique Rodeo Queen) 
3.  "Roar"-Katy Perry (because it's Katy Perry, and she's a Cali girl!) 
4. "The Great Escape"-Boys Like Girls (did I mention my music fast is eclectic) 
5. "Mi Vida Loca"- Pam Tillis (self explanatory) 

4. Most important aspect of your barn 

Well since all the ponies are back at the ranch for the winter. I guess the most important aspect is that I know that they are under perfect care. If I can't first hand be watching over my babies there is no one I would rather care for them then my parents. 

5. Three winter riding goals

Being that the four legged components of my riding are at the ranch. My saddle time this winter will be limited! I am trying to focus on the things I cannot control, knowing that going into this next pageant I may not always be on my own horse for events. 

1. Workout: clique, but I have hardly hit the gym since college as much as I hated it, coach was right the fitter you are the better you ride. 

2. Prepare: Whether it is studying rodeo knowledge, practicing putting my hair in rollers, or riding twice a day when I am at the ranch. I want to be as prepared as possible for the next pageant. 

3. Remember why I love riding: As clique as that sounds, not having a horse at your immediate disposal makes you remember what you love about the sport!

I think that's it! We shall see how I do on posting tomorrow. Being that I have to catch a plane, fly to the ranch, ride my pony, and I guess see my family. 

Love ya, 


  1. Safe trip home tomorrow! Hopefully you get to ride a lot this winter!

  2. Nice western hats are so beautiful -- I got to talk to Shorty (of Shorty's Caboy Hattery) and man, I never realized how much went into making them! Very cool.

    1. Haha ya! I just got a used Shorty's... I contacted him to find out if I could get it re fitted for me. He was super helpful!