Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Just stay on course...

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Wow, do I have one heck of as horse show hang over! As I lay here re living the past week and a half, I am still in awe of it all. My adventure at the Grand National couldn't possibly fit in one post. So here is part 1! 

After work last Saturday I threw together all my stuff and raced up to the city. There I met up with my mother, best friend and the rest of the family. I spent the better part of that evening's rodeo performance convincing mom that I should be showing in the AQHA ranch pleasure the following day. 

So bright and early I prepared to show Mouse in her first ever AQHA class! In true horse show fashion it was hurry up and wait. Though I was ready by 10 am, my class didn't run till close to 5!

My mare was being rather sassy (shocker) in warm up. And I just started to get frustrated. My mom looked at me and said, "just stay on course."

Believe it or not that is a rather high demand for me. Considering I went an entire world show giving off pattern in every class. 

So middle of the spread of a 12 person class I busted into the arena. Ready to take the Ranch world by storm. Though my pattern wasn't exactly the most stunning, it did have some really awesome moments. The best part of if all, we ended up 3rd!  

After the high flying fun of the weekend I sadly had to head back to work. Trading my boots for a bus pass, I had to commute via train from SF each day. After riding the train home each night, I spent the last of my hours practicing speeches, finalizing accessories and just pulling it all together! 

So that is how the beginning of my adventure went! 


  1. Yah! Good job on placing third.

  2. Yay third place! I heard the contest went well! Can't wait to hear your details and see pics! I actually know Ingrid :)

  3. Thanks guys! I am so proud of baby horse, it was our first AQHA sanctioned show.