Wednesday, October 23, 2013

It takes a village

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admit I am a pretty lousy blogger! I will fill you in on the adventures of the rodeo soon, but I had to share this awesome story first.

They say it takes a village to raise a child. Growing up on the horse show and rodeo circuits I know this paradigm well. When I was younger it wasn't just the wrath of my mother I feared for misbehaving, it was knowing that pretty much anyone on the grounds would get after me if I didn't tow the line. But it was also the beauty of knowing no matter where you turned there was someone who loved and cared for you. 

When I decided to run for Miss GNR I knew that it was going to take a lot of effort. What I didn't realize was just how many people would step up to the plate. As we were planning my wardrobe mom and I were at a loss. We searched high and low but no where could we find a leather speech dress that would fit my tall frame! 

Then out of the blue, a family friend stepped up to help. To put it in a little perspective this mother and her daughter have been a part of my family longer than I have. Though we have drifted together and apart due to our schedules, they have always been there when we needed them. 

The GNR was no exception. In true rodeo fashion they stepped up and promised to make me a dress that would knock my socks off. (Considering I have really big feet that quite an undertaking!) 

Over the next four weeks we worked via text message, phone call, and Facebook to pull together all the pieces. Of course I will admit I was a little nervous. The pictures they sent where very pretty, but I was worried that a floor length leather dress would make me look fat, no matter how you stitched it!

With the rodeo nearing my mother took them out to dinner and went to pick up the dress. As they sat in a local restaurant, reminiscing of days gone by, an aquantiance walked by. She saw the bag my other had and commented that she was glad my mom had the dress, the woman said that she had enjoyed helping add the final rhinestones. 

Just a week before the rodeo, I stood in my horse trailer, the moment of truth came as I unzipped the bag. No amount of pictures or conversations could have prepared me for what I saw. Before my eyes was a work of art. A wearable stunning piece of show stopping fashion. 

As I tried it on I was in awe of how perfectly it fit. They had constructed it with nothing more than a text message of my measurements. Yet it looked as if they had fitted it to me a thousand times. What you would assume takes months, took these talented women just a few weeks. 

I am still not sure wether or not I'm going to embarrass myself, or fall flat in my face. But even if I do, at least I'll look good doing it! 


  1. Sounds like a lovely outfit! i have awarded you the sunshine award.

  2. My bff's mom made her dress and her grandma hand painted it and then they stoned it, amazing!

    I am sure that it is beautiful! What color did you choose?

    1. jk the pictures just showed up ha! It's beautiful!!!

  3. amazing work! You'll look and do great!

  4. Thanks so much guys! It was absolutely amazing!!