Monday, September 30, 2013

DYI.... Delight or Disaster

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It's been a bit since I have updated y'all on my adventure towards the pageant, blame it on queening!

So as any rider in the history of the earth knows this sport takes a LOT of stuff and is almost never cheap. Well when I decided to get into queening I figured that it couldn't be that bad as I have been rodeoing and showing horses most of my life, (surely I have all the stuff I need by now.)

Luckily I was a little ahead of the curve of most girls, but I've decided to add stuff that I didn't really just had to have. Luckily more of the basic pieces (ie tops and hats) I had in my wardrobe from my show arsenal. Unfortunately they have this pesky rule that forbids chaps, meaning I had to re think my entire bottom half!

I decided to punt this one to my mom, we scoured the internet and secured 2  5 different pairs of white jeans, which she is dyeing to match each outfit. I was then tasked with boots, luckily several years ago when a great uncle passed away I inherited his kind of awesome boot collection. I have since gone about figuring out how to make these boots match my Crayola of clothes.

Being the typical sorority girl I am, I jumped on the chance to craft! I researched and secured all the tools needed to "dye" my boots. (fun fact you don't dye them you paint them, I think it's kind of false advertising) After a few bumps along the road I am two pairs in and pretty dang pleased with how they are turning out!

Bonus of this whole adventure I get to be probably one of the only contestants that made their own wardrobe! Ashley (my coach) says that it is all looking awesome so fingers crossed that I don't stick out at that weird kid that tried to Macgyver their clothes together.

Overall though I am feeling pretty dang good about it.

Here is one of the boots, mid project, with my shirt hanging out in the background.

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