Tuesday, June 18, 2013


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In today's world of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Vine, iPhones and all the rest of the technological wonders of the world, it's a wonder that we get anything done. Don't get me wrong, I am the first one to find out who's beat who in the show ring and who is selling their brand new horse 6 months after they thought it was their one true love. (Did I mention I am a tad equine obsessed.) But after joining the high pressure, 24/7 big kid world (read this as receives emails at all hours of the night) I have come to realize, technology really isn't always that fabulous.

Blasphemy I know!!

Lucky for me my absolutely fabulous perfect apartment does have one pitfall. That is that it's a black hole of cell coverage, the second I hit my driveway bars go to zero. Perhaps this is a conspiracy for my landlords to remain secluded. Orrrr perhaps it's the fact that all of Palo Alto (tech USA my foot) seems to royally bite the big one when it comes to streaming video, bandwidth and the like. 

After several maddeningly frustrating phone calls where my mother has bee cut off mid lecture (it does have it's upsides) I have learned to embrace the 18th century outlook on communication; again probably an overreaction. Once I get home I am forced to communicate in one of two ways 1: sit in one spot and hope my phone doesn't drop a call, 2: log onto my computer or iPad. 

For a girl who is literally iPhone obsessed (mine has a name and everything, kidding, well sorta) this was a bit of an adjustment. However after about 2 weeks of screaming at my phone as it dropped calls every 2 seconds I realized. I have to remain accessible 8 hours a day, every second of the day, including interrupting my precious saddle time to answer emails or make hone calls. The 6 or so hours I spend at home (not always an exaggeration) it's not a bad idea to hit the off switch. 

Seriously you should try it! I'm not saying to chuck your phone and go back to Morse Code. Lord knows I do NOT have enough patience for that. But pick a time of day where you choose to be inaccessible. Use that time to catch up on the Big Bang Theory, reread 50 Shades (shhh I'm not telling) or just play with your pets!  

Love ya, 

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