Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Home Sweet, I'm Homeless

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So several months ago I received my super fabulous almost dream job! I resigned myself to the fact that until I got situated in this new groove I would sublease a suite from a lady in my barn. Life was great and my new digs weren't bad.

Fast forward to 2 and a half months later, the newness has worn off and Raleigh is less than impressed about being ousted out of bed at 5:30 am for an hour plus commute (did I mention he comes to work with me??). So I began looking for an apartment, I figured living in the tech mecca of the world and near one of the best universities in the nation, this would be a snap. Boy was I wrong. Two months later I have determined two things, I am willing to compromise a lot on where I live, and if you ask for an apartment under $1,000 in Palo Alto you will get laughed at.

Coming from a fairly comfortable upbringing (read this as Daddy wrapped around my little finger) I did not have to do without much. Sure occasionally I bought generic Diet Coke for horse shows when that was the ONLY option, but it didn't happen much. When I got to college my parents made it pretty clear they would only pay for certain things, I learned how to work, save, and cajole my way into getting whatever else I wanted. However, when the big bad world came knocking this went out the window.

The girl who would sell her last season jeans to get a new pair has now started making those jeans into work and barn pants. Don't get me wrong, the few times when my debit card showed only pennies my mother was only more than glad to help me. But it's become a point of pride that I am able to take care of myself.

So in my apartment search I told myself that I would stay in a specific budget and have a set deadline to move into a new place. I thought I had hit the real estate goldmine when I found a below market rate (also known as poor but not really) apartment that even allowed dogs! I put a deposit down and began subconsciously (ok I only went to Hobby Lobby once... twice but it was the same day) picking out drapes. The following day I was hit by a ton of bricks when I was told that I no longer qualified for the unit.

After a very large and dramatic melt down on the phone to my mom I was back to looking. I have now called on at least 23432432 billion different units, and toured only 2342432 million. So 2342433 unit today will be the one. I am not holding my breath as the add said no dogs and I will be showing up on their doorstep in 20 minutes corgi in tow. Butttt you never know, maybe this will be the place, who will fall in love with Raleigh and myself. I sure hope so because mom said the only one who could move back home was the corgi.

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