Monday, March 25, 2013

Not happy birthday

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So my posts are a little belated and backed up. I blame the weather, it's always ok to do that right? Anyway!    For my birthday my Mommy, who is kinda awesome and I am super close to (as my bestie would say, it's real) came to visit me.

Little back story I now work at Stanford University, this is about 10 miles down from where she grew up, and the site of some of her beginning love stories. Totally the mental image I wanted every day at work right?! Anywho, for my birthday Mommy booked a hotel and planned to visit so we could check out her old haunts and enjoy all that the beautiful Bay Area has to offer. (cheesy I know)

Little did I know fate had other plans, on our way back from looking at new horses to buy, because who doesn't need a new pony I mean I totally do; my car decided it would be totally awesome to blow out a tire. In the middle of the highway, on a Saturday, which happened to be my birthday.

Needless to say I was totally stoked  after we limped our way to the repair shop they informed us, not only was my tire shot the other one was about to go to andddd on top of that they couldn't get to the repair until Tuesday. Cue melt down.

After my mother in her infinite wisdom got us to another shop next to our hotel we were able to get the car in and repaired. In the mean time what better use of our time did we have then to go shop! So we did what eny lady would do in a full blown crisis, spend money.

The following day and two estimates later, to the tune of $1400, my car was fixed. I may not be buying a new horse, or anything, anytime soon, butttt at least I had wheels again. On the bright side Mom and I burned lots of calories walking all over town, and we got to spend more bonding time. Making lemonade right, I mean I prefer mine with a little vodka, but hey to each his own! Luckily I had a super fabulous birthday and Pete (my car) has made a full recovery.

Love ya!

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