Sunday, February 10, 2013

Big kid life 2.0

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I try not to be the obnoxious blogger that writes about what she ate that day and other mundane life events that you really couldn't give two shakes about. But I would like to say that I was absolutely and completely worthless yesterday.

In about 9 days I will be moved into the big city and starting a new fun and exciting job. So Sunday morning, I decided that I was going to fully appreciate my last week of freedom. My mother believes I should have my life packed and ready to go yesterday; instead I chose to sleep in until 2 and bake all day.

A few weeks ago I was pretty sure my life was over when I was laid off from my sorta but not really dream job. Little did I know that opened the door for me to interview for and accept a position at Stanford Unniversity. During college, as I suffered the ups and downs of athlete life; and shoveled feet of Midwestern snow, I thought longingly that I should have gone to Stanford. Now, 5 years later I will be entering the hallowed halls of the "west coast Ivy League" as an employee.

You never know exactly what is going to happen in life (read this as I still don't have it figured out). But I'm a pretty firm believer now on the fact that set backs are just set up for better things in life.

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