Thursday, January 31, 2013

You better appreciate this!

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Usually my mother told me this as she was shelling out money for riding lessons or when I absolutely (but not really at all) needed a new dress for recruitment. Did I appreciate it? Sometimes yes, more often no I didn't. As I am on my own trying to figure life out I sure do miss Momma's incessant nagging and endless heart (read this as wallet).

So here it goes, I had revamped my blog and twitter! Trying to keep y'all entertained and informed I realized that it was time for a shift from the "sratty" world. Yep I'm still a dyed in the wool sorority girl, I will tweet TSMs and post sorority woes. But realized that I am neglecting a lot of y'all, a good number of my sratty sisters and our non Greek counterparts are equestrians.

 I want to recognize those who commit their soul to the most consuming of sports; those who dream in three beats and often laugh with almost a whiny.

This is not to "redefine" my persona or push away certain followers. I will keep tweeting as I've always done, those who like it will follow, those who do will not, and we shall bid them adieu.

But really this ain't a big thing, the skinny of it is ponyandapayday is the name, you can find me on twitter, and at my blog. I will continue to combine and transfer postgradsratty into ponyandapayday and I will keep both up, for a while to help the transitition.

Now for the big kauna! From now on will be your one stop shop, ask me questions, give me feedback, and you will be able to access everything directly from one site. So hope that y'all appreciate the changes, that OK if you don't cause it doesn't matter, they're here!

Love ya,

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